Thursday, March 20, 2008


Thanks to you, we've now passed the 5,000 visitors mark! Our visitor counter is in the left-hand navigation column on this blog. We hope you're enjoying MoSGA Messenger, and that you'll stay with us as we approach 10,000 visitors, and 25,000 visitors, etc., etc.

BTW, we welcome your stories about trips to genie libraries and archives, your tips on great genie sites, and your recommendations about great new genie books or magazines to keep an eye out for. We also welcome news about genie and historical society events and publications (especially societies based in Missouri and neighboring states).

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Martha Henderson said...

Congratualtions on passing the 5,000 visitor mark. I always enjoy reading this blog as I find it informative, concise and fun. There is usually a bit of whimsy to brighten my day.