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Following is a list of newspapers published in St. Louis during the Civil War years (1861-1865) that are in the collection of St. Louis Public Library. The listing provides the name of the newspaper (several of which are German-language newspapers) and the range of years of that paper owned by St. Louis Public Library. It should be noted that our newspaper microfilm in some cases has gaps where one or more issues of the newspaper in question was not filmed, so it should not be assumed that we will have every issue of a newspaper for the range of years indicated. Please check with our Microfilm Department to be sure we own the dates needed for a particular newspaper (314-539-0368 or if you are planning a visit to our library to use the newspaper microfilm.

Anzeiger des Westen (newspaper, 1839-1898)
Daily Missouri Democrat (newspaper, 1853-1868)
Deutsche Blatter (newspaper, 1863-1870)
Missouri Democrat (newspaper, 1843-1872)
Missouri State Journal (newspaper, 1861)
Missouri Republican (newspaper, 1822-1888)
St. Louis Daily Evening News (newspaper, 1861-1865)
St. Louis Daily Press (newspaper, 1864-1866)
St. Louis Daily Union (newspaper, 1862-1863)
St. Louis Dispatch (newspaper, 1865-1866)

The major papers in this list are the Anzeiger des Westen, the Missouri Democrat, the Missouri Republican, and the Daily Missouri Democrat, although any newspaper is major if it's got the story you need. As we do not have indexing for these papers, we cannot perform searches for you unless you can provide either the specific date an event occurred (month, day, year), or the specific date (month, day, year) the story appeared in a particular newspaper. You can ask us to perform a search here:

Newspapers in the collection of St. Louis Public Library list for the most part items about St. Louis area persons and events. For newspaper coverage of persons from and events which took place in other Missouri counties, contact the State Historical Society in Columbia, which has the largest collection of Missouri newspapers in the world, and indexing for some time periods for some of those newspapers.

State Historical Society of Missouri
1020 Lowry Street
Columbia, MO 65201-7298
Phone: 573-882-7083
Fax: 573-884-4950

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