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Programs, March-July 2008

All programs are held on Saturdays in Meeting Room 1, 3rd Floor, Central Library, 1301 Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63103. Programs are free and open to the public. Parking is free on Saturdays (meters are not checked). Call 314-539-0381 to register or for more information.

March 8, 2008. 10 AM-Noon. Minie Balls, Breastworks, & Bayonets: Civil War Weapons, Strategy, & Tactics. Meeting Room 1. Join us as we learn how rapid changes in technology slowly resulted in big changes in military tactics during the Civil War.

April 19, 2008. 10 AM-Noon. Great Civil War Battles: The Wilderness! Meeting Room 1. Join us as we learn about this classic two-day confrontation in Virginia’s piney woods between the old Gray Fox, Robert E. Lee, and the Union Army’s rising star, Ulysses S. Grant.

May 10, 2008. 10 AM-Noon. Science Fiction’s Big Idea Series: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Meeting Room 1. Join us as we discuss Huxley’s vision of a world in which there are no wars, no social classes, and no racial conflicts, and everybody is always happy-– but is harmony worth the price that has to be paid to achieve it?

June 14, 2008. 10 AM-Noon. Show-Me Soldiers: Researching Civil War Soldiers & Regiments in Books, Newspapers, and the Internet. Meeting Room 1. Join us as we learn how to thoroughly research our Missouri Civil War ancestors (Union & Confederate) in books, newspapers, and on the Internet.

July 26, 2008. 10 AM-Noon. Great Civil War Battles: Lookout Mountain & Missionary Ridge. Meeting Room 1. Join us as we discuss the two unlikely Union victories that made the Spring 1864 Atlanta Campaign possible.

I am also teaching a series of four classes on military ancestor research during Feb-May for St. Louis Genealogical Society at their office in Sunnen Industrial Park. You can get details on their website. Just click the “Education” button, then “Classes.”

It’s easy to add you to my programs notification list! Just send an email with NOTIFY in the subject line to You’ll get a reminder of upcoming programs a week or so before each program takes place (don’t forget to tell me if your email address changes, and please tell your email client it’s OK to accept mail from me!).

If your St. Louis area club or society could use a speaker on genealogy or military history topics, I can probably do a program for you at no cost to your organization. Let me know the topic you want and the place, date, and time you need a speaker, and I'll let you know if I'm available on that date.

Tom Pearson,Special Collections Department
314-539-0381 or

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