Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This just received from our MoSGA webmaster:

“I've just received an email from IX Webhosting. They are moving their headquarters from Kentucky to Ohio this weekend. Starting midnight, Friday, March 28, all their websites, including http://www.mosga.org/, may be down for up to 48 hours. Just wanted to let Board members know in case you get inquiries from concerned MoSGA members.”

Carolyn Branch, MoSGA Webmaster

BTW, I maintain an 89th Illinois Infantry Regiment website and a Sons of Union Veterans camp website with IX Webhosting, and I suggested IX Webhosting to Carolyn. I am very happy with their prices and customer service, and think Carolyn would agree with me. They're currently running a great special promotion that may interest any of you who are in the process of picking a new web host.

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