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More information about Civil War forts in Missouri and in other states and territories may be found in Encyclopedia of Historic Forts by Robert B. Roberts (Macmillan, 1988).

This list includes original name of fort; whether constructed/first occupied by U. S. Army or Confederate States of America forces; town and/or county where fort was located; and either date of construction (month and year if known; year otherwise) or years in existence; and notes, if any.

Alexander Barracks- USA- city of St. Louis- 1863- renamed Schofield Barracks in June 1865
Beaver Station Fort (see Fort Lawrence)
Benton Barracks- USA- city of St. Louis (Fairgrounds Park)- September 1861
Bird's Point Fort- USA- Mississippi County- 1862
Camp Cavender- USA- St. Louis County- 1861
Camp Fremont- USA- Cape Girardeau, MO (Cape Girardeau County)- 1861
Camp Gratz- USA- Rolla, MO (Phelps County)- June 1861
Camp Hunt- USA- February 1862
Camp Jackson- CSA- city of St. Louis- May 6, 1861-captured May 10, 1861 by Union troops commanded by General Nathaniel Lyon
Camp Jennison- USA- Kansas City, MO (Jackson County)- 1861
Camp Lyon- USA- Benton County- late 1861 or early 1862
Camp McCullough- CSA- Greene County- 1862
Camp Ozark- USA- Christian County- 1863
Camp Sand Springs- USA- Webster County- August 1862- burned by Confederate troops in 1863
Camp Totten- USA- Howard County- 1861
Camp Union- USA- Kansas City, MO (Jackson County)- Spring 1861
Camp Vest- CSA- Howard County- 1861
Fort A (see Fort Girardeau)
Fort B (see Fort Girardeau)
Fort Bankhead - CSA- near New Madrid, MO (New Madrid County)- March 1862
Fort Benton- USA- Patterson, MO (Wayne County)- March 1861
Fort Davidson- USA- near Ironton, MO (Iron County)- 1863
Fort Dette- USA- Rolla, MO (Phelps County)- August 1865
Fort Girardeau- USA- Cape Girardeau, MO (Cape Girardeau County)- September 1861
Fort Jefferson- USA- Cole County- 1861
Fort Lawrence- USA- Taney County- destroyed January 1863 by Confederate troops
Fort Mulligan- USA- Lafayette County- September 1861
Fort Perrique- USA- St. Charles County- 1861
Fort Thompson- CSA- New Madrid, MO (New Madrid County)- 1861
Fort Wyman- USA- Rolla, MO (Phelps County) - 1862
Hartsville Fort- USA- Hartsville, MO (Wright County)- burned by Confederate troops in 1863
Jefferson Barracks- USA- St. Louis County- 1826-1946
Lawrenceville Mill Fort (see Fort Lawrence)
Schofield Barracks (see Alexander Barracks)
St. Joseph Post- USA- Buchanan County- August 1863
St. Louis Arsenal- USA- city of St. Louis- 1827-1904
Waynesville Post- USA- Pulaski County- June 1862

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Patti Hobbs said...

Interesting that your list says that Alexander Barracks was renamed Schofield Barracks in June 1865. I've just been looking at a release for a prisoner from Myrtle Street Prison 3 October 1864 and the "Daily Report of prisoners discharged" and the special order from the Office of the Provost Marshall say that the prisoner is to be transferred under guard to Schofield Barracks. So it would appear that it was being called that before June 1865. Perhaps its name wasn't officially changed until June 1865?