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Thanks to MoSGA Messenger reader Hugh for alerting us to Ray’s Place:

From: Raymond Brown
Sent: Tuesday, March 4, 2008 2:08:06 PM

I have started adding local histories for Michigan to my web site. These are all early histories that were originally published in 1880, and have a lot of information about the early settlers and residents of the area. So far I have the following online:

Allegan County
Clyde Township
Laketown Township
Lee Township

Barry County
Hastings Township
The City of Hastings.

Berrien County
Chickaming Township
New Buffalo Township.

Five of these are fairly small, but the one for the City of Hastings is big and had to be split into two pages.

Most of these local histories are in two parts-- the history that I have online and 1 to 5 Biographical sketches. I only have the history online now; the Biographies will go online later in another part of my web site.

It will be a long time before I have hundreds of histories online like I have for New York and Maine but I may get there someday. I also have some online for NJ, PA, OH, IL, NH and CT.

The Michigan Local histories may be found here.

Other places that may be of interest:
New York

New York Biographies





Ray, the Ray's Place guy

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