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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

7-8pm -- Modern Marvels - Jet Engines.
Strap on a parachute and soar through the saga of jet propulsion, which radically transformed our world since inception in WWII—from the Nazi's first jet-powered aircraft to the US F-22 jet fighter, from the Concorde to tomorrow's scram-jet, a hypersonic transport plane that switches to rocket power outside earth's atmosphere!

8-9pm -- Modern Marvels - Logging Tech.
When Paul Bunyan cried "Timber!", he never foresaw today's cutting-edge, controversial industry that feeds a ravenous, lumber-crazy world--a world striving to protect nature while devouring it. Come into the woods to see how he-men and hi-tech combine forces to topple 4-billion trees annually; journey to 19th-century America, when lumberjacks cut a legend as large as the timber they felled; and travel with a tree from stump to sawmill and learn its non-wood uses--from aspirin to film to toothpaste!

9-10pm -- MonsterQuest - Mutant Canines
Something strange is killing Fido. In 2006, a number of pets were killed in Maine and Minnesota by a beast locals describe as a mutant--one of these creatures was hit by a car. The body of this strange looking creature will be DNA tested to see what it really is. Two expeditions will be launched to trap other dog killers still at large. One-part history, one-part science and one part monster, discover the truth behind legendary monsters.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

7-8pm -- Modern Marvels - The World's Fastest.
Perhaps no field has experienced the revolution in velocity more acutely than transportation. We look at five blazingly fast technological marvels that have pushed the speed limits to the very edge, each with its own unique and dramatic history: the world's fastest production car (Sweden's Koenigsegg CCR); the world's fastest train (the Maglev in Shanghai); the world's fastest boat (The Spirit of Australia); the world's fastest roller coaster (the Kingda Ka) and the fastest thing on earth (the Holloman High Speed Test Track), used to test highly sensitive equipment for many branches of the government and commercial clients.

8-9pm -- Modern Marvels - World's Strongest III
Witness some mind-blowing feats of strength starting with the world's most powerful elevators--one lifts fighter jets, the other lifts a giant stage filled with acrobats. Discover the world's strongest tire and the monster mine machine it rolls with. Take a 35-foot drop on the world's strongest mountain bike. See the world's strongest land transport vehicle that carries the Space Shuttle. Finally mix some drinks or chop a telephone into dust with the biggest and strongest home blender you've ever seen.

10-11pm -- Ancient Discoveries - Ancient Death Machines
Military innovation is consistently at the cutting edge of technological advances. Almost all technology on the planet today owes its origins to inventions driven by one purpose--war. From apocalyptic skyscraper siege machines to ancient landmines and flamethrowers that had the potential to extinguish hundreds of lives in minutes, most of today's lethal weapons owe their origins to the inventors of the ancient world.


Friday, March 7, 2008

8-9pm -- Modern Marvels - Saws
Sink your teeth into the razor sharp world of saws. Cut across the centuries to discover how the Egyptians arduously sawed stone as compared to modern saws that slice through limestone like butter. Saws have been used as instruments of torture and tools for surgery. They are imperative for construction, salvage, demolition, and they even make music. Whether they have teeth of steel, carbide or diamond, you will be on the cutting edge of successful sawing.

9-10pm -- Battle 360 - Call to Duty
Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise, destined to become the most decorated ship of World War ll, was the only carrier to be front and center in every major sea battle in the Pacific. The Enterprise and her crew engaged in some of the fiercest battles ever seen, marked by intense firepower, instinct and a 360-coordination between the carrier, the destroyers, the aircraft above and the submarines below. Follow the Enterprise and its men from the start of the war through to the last battle.

10-11pm -- Battle 360 - Vengeance at Midway
Destined to become the most decorated ship of World War II, USS Enterprise and sister carriers Yorktown and Hornet, turn the tide of the Pacific War. In just a few violent days in the waters off Midway Island, the American carrier fleet pulverizes the Imperial Japanese Navy. Enterprise helps secure one of America's first victories in World War II.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

7-8pm -- Modern Marvels - Axes, Swords and Knives.
Blade implements have been a part of civilized man's arsenal since the Paleolithic Age, when sharp tools were chipped off of flint or obsidian. But with the discovery of metallurgy, people were able to forge stronger, more versatile blade implements. We visit an axe-throwing contest in Wisconsin for an introduction to the least subtle of the blade tools. Then we visit a swordsmith and an experienced swordfighter who work in traditional methods from ancient sources, and review the history of knives.

10-12am -- Life After People .
Explore the tantalizing question of whether all the remnants of mankind will eventually disappear from our planet. What would happen to the earth if humans ceased to exist? Would ocean life flourish, the buffalo return to the Great Plains and our skyscrapers yield to the wear and tear of time. Visit the ghostly villages surrounding Chernobyl, which were abandoned by humans after the nuclear disaster in 1986 and then travel to the remote islands off the coast of Maine to search for traces of abandoned towns that have vanished from view in only a few decades. Learn from experts in the fields of engineering, botany, ecology, biology, geology, climatology and archeology as they provide answers for many thought provoking questions.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

6-8pm -- Last Stand of The 300.
After Custer, Thermopylae is the most famous last stand in history. In a narrow pass in Northern Greece, seven thousand Greek soldiers await an onslaught of epic proportions. They will soon face the largest fighting force ever assembled--the war machine of the mighty Persian Empire, estimated at over a million men. The Greeks are led by three hundred of the most ferocious warriors of the ancient world--the
Spartans. Their leader is the fearless King Leonidas, who after this battle would be catapulted into legend. When it is over, every Spartan in the pass will have sacrificed his life for freedom. Creating a fresh visual style and using new technologies we will dramatically recreate the significant events that lead to Thermopylae and the clash of arms.

8-10pm -- Journey to 10,000 BC.
Discover the thrilling real story of life on earth in prehistoric times. Viewers will go back in time to when early humans are just starting to inhabit North America and huge climate fluctuations cause a mini-Ice Age. The saber tooth cat, the giant ground sloth and the woolly mammoth are suddenly becoming extinct. How does man survive? Travel to early archaeological sites in North America and watch as scientists uncover fossilized bones, ancient homes and weapons of stone. State-of-the-art green-screen computer animation re-creates the great mammoth hunts of the time.

10-11pm -- Ax Men.
Logging has been called North America's most dangerous job. From individual loggers working with saws and axes to high-powered mega-mills, today's lumber industry is a fusion of ancient tradition and modern technology. Follow a season of a team of logging camps located in the remote, isolated forests of northwest Oregon. Visit
with larger than life characters, many of whom are members of logging families that go back generations. See how an elite group of loggers battle the elements--and each other--to race against the clock and earn as much money as they can before the season ends.

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