Monday, March 17, 2008


A commentor has written in to ask why I am "wasting space" on History Channel TV listings. My answer, simply, is this: as you learn more about history, you both become a better genealogical researcher and make the stories of your own ancestors come alive. A mere recitation of dates and places is just marks on paper-- a family history with great historical background info is more like a novel, but with real people-- your people!

So, are the History Channel TV listings I post helpful, or just a waste of space? Let me know what you think!

BTW, I've received no comments on the recent Jules Verne ebooks posting-- even though I noted specifically that I could see no genealogical relevance in Verne's books!

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Harold said...

Thanks for a great blog. I don't question the relevance of history, but I hope that for genealogists, viewing the History Channel would be the beginning of exploring more detailed and authentic sources. The medium just isn't very efficient at transmitting information.