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Interested in the records of various Iowa counties? Read on:

"Local Government Records

The primary responsibility for the care and preservation of local government records resides with the local governments. The State Archives does not mandate a centralized local government records program. It does, however, advise and assist local governments in how to identify records which requires permanent preservation and in how to maintain records so they will be available for future generations to use.

In conjunction with the Genealogical Society of Utah, the State Archives of Iowa has aided county governments in the preservation of some of the historical records generated at the county level. Microfilm copies of some county records are available through the State Historical Society of Iowa's reading room in Des Moines. Detailed guides to the records, by year and county, are also available in the reading room The original records are in the county courthouses. Local governments should contact the Local Records Coordinator of the State Archives of Iowa with concerns and questions regarding what has been filmed from their county:

Local Records Coordinator
State Historical Society of Iowa
600 East Locust
Des Moines, Iowa 50319

Records Preserved on Microfilm:

Vital Statistics (births, deaths, marriages) 1880-1928
Vital Statistics (divorces) 1906-1980
Naturalizations 1844-1940
District Court (including probate & wills) 1838-1926
County Court Minutes 1856-1868
Deed Records (land and town lots) 1838-1901
Land Patents 1870-1930
Homestead Record 1860-1940
Affidavits & Powers of Attorney 1850-1935
Original Entries, abstract 1840-1878
Miscellaneous Record 1860-1925
Military Discharge Record 1914-1940

Transfer of Real Estate Records 1850-1915
Old Age Assistance Records 1934-1936

Sources for Additional Information

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2. Iowa State Association of Counties
3. Iowa League of Cities
4. Iowa County Records Manual (Iowa City: State Historical Society of Iowa, 1987).
5. Iowa Municipal Records Manual (Des Moines: Iowa State Historical Department, 1982).
6. Dolan, John P., Jr., and Lisa Lacher, Guide to Public Records of Iowa Counties (Des Moines: Iowa Title Company, 1986).


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