Friday, February 15, 2008


Harry S. Truman, portrayed by Niel Johnson, will be on hand to welcome NGS conference attendees at the Tuesday evening, May 13,Wine and Cheese Reception sponsored by the Missouri State Genealogical Association [MoSGA].

Niel M. Johnson as Harry S. Truman

Niel M. Johnson is a retired archivist and historian at the Truman Presidential Library & Museum and a Truman re-enactor. He has re-released his book "Power, Money and Women: Words to the Wise from Harry S. Truman," published by Leathers Publishing.

Niel began portraying Truman following his retirement in 1993. Since then he has portrayed Harry S. Truman for service organizations, and veterans, church, school and social groups. In 1994 Niel portrayed Truman at a re-enactment of the Democratic convention of 1944 in Chicago and in 1996 he participated at a banquet preceding the christening of the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman at the Newport News shipyard in Virginia.

Make plans now to attend the MoSGA Wine & Cheese Reception where you can speak with 'Harry Truman' and learn his views on women in politics and how he might view the current political arena. You can register for the reception at

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