Friday, February 15, 2008


The UK remembers its WWI dead in an online database:

“90 years ago a whole generation had their lives, loves, hopes and dreams annihilated on the battlefields of the First World War. Lost Generation offers an opportunity to turn those long lists of names of the fallen back into real people with real desires and potential, to understand their world and celebrate their astonishing stories.”


Lost Generation is part of what appears to be a growing international movement to try and put flesh and bones on the skeletons of soldiers who died in various wars while wearing the uniforms of various countries. Grieving for our war dead involves both the sorrow that comes with knowing we will never see that person again in this life, and the sadness we feel when we think about all the good times (and bad) that we won't be able to share with the father / mother / son / daughter / sister / brother / best friend who was killed. Visiting a grave on Memorial Day, or leaving a Teddy bear or letter on the sidewalk in front of the Wall in Washington, DC appears to be a way to say, "Hello, I miss you. I haven't forgotten you, and I never will."

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