Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Need a speaker for your Oklahoma-Arkansas- Missouri-Kansas genealogical conference / workshop? If so, this may prove of interest:

"The Gregath Publishing Company is pleased to present some of its professional staff members as lecture, seminar or workshop speakers. While our founding goal was to be able to offer our speaking and event services to any and all requests free of charge, the proliferation of interest in genealogy and the nation's changing travel habits (including the current upturn of gasoline costs) have made this impossible. Where we might have gotten one or two out-of-state requests in 1980, the number of nationwide (and worldwide) requests has grown, grown, grown…

If you would be interested in one or more speakers from The Gregath Publishing Company for your genealogical or historical event, please contact us with as much information about your genealogy or history seminar/workshop as possible (date, place, length, etc.) and what type of speaking needs you have. We will be happy to reply as to whether we can accommodate your needs and to the fees and costs. Many times our company can offer more than one speaker, with different areas of expertise, for nearly the same travel expenses as a single speaker. For those who are interested in "more bang for their buck", Gregath can also arrange to set up exhibitor/vendor space at an event for no extra charge.


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