Sunday, February 03, 2008


Still looking for a free Windows browser you can use instead of Microsoft IE? Avant Browser may be what you're looking for, especially if you are a dial-up web surfer:

"Avant Browser allows users to browse multiple Web sites simultaneously and to block all unwanted pop-up pages and Flash ads automatically. The integrated cleaner helps users clear all traces and maintain privacy. The built-in Yahoo and Google search engines enable users to search for Web pages, images, groups, directories, lyrics, software, and news on the Internet. Avant Browser provides options for blocking the download of Flash media, pictures, video, sounds, and ActiveX components, so users can efficiently use their bandwidth and speed up page loading. All opened pages can be stopped, refreshed, closed, or arranged with one click. It also comes with built-in RSS reader. Its similar Web sites bar displays Web sites, which are related to the opened Web pages."

author: Anderson Che
required: Windows
size: 1.85 m
added: 29-Jan-2008


BTW, always use your anti-virus, anti-spyware software to check downloads before installing-- better safe than sorry!

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Anonymous said...

Now i'm using the new version of Avant Browser and i think it's really good. One issue is if Avant Browser is closed improperly, all open web pages are saved and will be automatically reopened at next startup. I got from here: Avant Browser