Thursday, January 17, 2008


Are you researching St. Louis area Germans who lived on the right bank (St. Clair and Madison counties in IL)? Then you'll be interested to learn that the Belleville (IL) News-Democrat is celebrating its 150th birthday. Part of the celebration is a compilation of headline news stories from years past, such as:

Through the years: Historic front pages
* 1900-1909: A beer named Stag
* 1900-1909: A dark day in Belleville
* 1910-1919: Battling the Spanish Flu
* 1920-1929: The day the taps ran dry
* 1930-1939: Deadly twister hits Belleville
* 1940-1949: Air Corps train at Cahokia College
* 1950-1959: A crackdown on gambling
* 1960-1969: The JFK mystique
* 1970-1979: Old courthouse comes down
* 1980-1989: The rise of Costello
* 1990-1999: The Cueto trial

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