Saturday, January 19, 2008


If you are an avid reader anyway, you might want to take a chance on winning some great prizes just for indulging in one of your favorite activities. and Penguin Books are sponsoring a Great American Novel Writing Contest, and they want members of the public (you, potentially) to tell them which entrant ought to get a publishing contract. They weren’t sure that the sheer joy of reading would be enough to get you to participate, though, so they’re giving their volunteer reviewers the chance to win some really fine schwag:

“Amazon is also dangling a carrot for readers to motivate them to participate in the process: anyone who reviews at least 25 ABNA semifinalists is entered to win a prize package including a Kindle, $2000 Amazon gift card, and an HP photo printer. The book excerpts are available as a free downloads until March 2nd, and with over 800 semifinalists still in the running, there are enough for even the most avid reviewers to keep busy (most excerpts are just a few pages long).”


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