Wednesday, January 30, 2008


William Roger Holman is an orphan who made good: after living in three orphanages, numerous foster homes, and answering to at least six different names, he received an education and became a librarian, director of the Center for the Humanities at the University of Texas-Austin, and a publisher of prize-winning books. Oh, and he’s an accomplished sailor who has sailed solo to Bermuda.

Now, at age 82, he’s published an autobiography in which he tells his admittedly complicated life story, although he’s still working out some of the details even now:


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Roger said...

William Roger Holman offers $1000. award to anyone who can provide substitutive information on his birth mother. In the court records her name was—Mrs. J. H. Bechan who lived in Oklahoma County, Ok in May, 1932. (See copy of Juvenile Docket No. 8, May 19, 1932 (page 48) in ORPHANS' NINE COMMANDMENTS, by William R. Holman. TCU Press, '07.