Monday, January 28, 2008


Most library users have little notion of the quantity and variety of maps owned by large public and academic libraries, because sheet maps are so often not included in the institution's public catalog. Here for your edification is a list of the many types of map owned by St. Louis Public Library:

Maps in the Collection of St. Louis Public Library

Note: Some maps can be copied; others are so large / so fragile that copying is not possible. Some of these maps can be checked out by SLPL cardholders; others must be used in the Library. Need more information? Contact Joseph Winkler, our maps expert!

Listings note types of map available, and location within the Library.

1:100,000 scale USGS [U.S. Geologic Survey] Maps- Map Room

1:125,000 scale USGS Maps (ca. 1890s- incomplete)- Map Room

1:24,000 scale USGS Maps- Map Room

1:250,000 scale USGS Maps- Map Room

1:500,000 scale USGS Maps (covers entire state of Missouri)- Map Room

1:62,500 scale USGS Maps (ca. 1930s- incomplete) - Map Room

1:63,360 scale USGS Maps (Alaska only)- Map Room

Atlases in book form- HG Dept.

Atlases in book form- Stacks

CIA Base Maps, most major countries- HG Dept.

Country Maps (current), most countries- HG Dept.

FEMA Flood Insurance Maps (metro-area)- Map Room

Foreign Cities (major)- HG Dept.

Foreign topos of genealogically significant places- HG Dept.

Geologic Maps (some coverage)- Map Room

Illinois (current) 7.5 minute USGS Maps (metro-area)- HG Dept.

Illinois metro-area topos (older)- Map Room

Missouri (current) 7.5 minute USGS Maps- HG Dept.

Missouri County Highway Maps (current)- HG Dept.

Missouri metro-area topos (older)- Map Room

National Park Service Maps of NPS Lands- HG Dept.

NIMA Special Series Maps (JOGs, ONCs, TPCs, etc.)- Map Room

Older maps (miscellaneous)- Map Room

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (microfilm)- HG Dept.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (paper)- Special Collections Dept.

Street Maps (current), larger US cities- HG Dept.

Topographic Maps (indexes)- HG Dept.

USDA Forest Service Maps- Map Room

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