Sunday, January 13, 2008


Determined to sort out those pesky problem ancestors this year? The January/February 2008 issue of Ancestry Magazine is ready to help. In this special research issue, they enlist a dozen genealogy superheroes to tackle twelve of the toughest, reader-submitted research problems. You’ll find what may be the solution to your own thorny research problem in the following articles.

Genealogy Superheroes Rescue Your Research p. 16

German ancestry p. 18
French-Canadian ancestry p. 20
African American ancestry p. 24
Italian ancestry p. 26
Chinese ancestry p. 28
Polish ancestry p. 32
Scots-Irish ancestry p. 36
Native American ancestry p. 40
Mexican ancestry p. 42
Slovak ancestry p. 44
Scandinavian ancestry p. 46
Dutch ancestry p. 48

Other articles of interest:

Can’t Find Them on a Passenger List? p. 30
Found! The Family Bible Goes Camping p. 54
Forget Packaging—It’s the Source That Counts p. 58

You can find it at better bookstores everywhere, or see if your local public library subscribes!

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