Friday, December 21, 2007


WHMC-Rolla has a number of school souvenir booklets in its collection. These booklets were a tradition in many of Missouri’s rural schools. The teacher at the end of the school year would present his or her students with a small booklet that contained the names of the instructor, students, and local school board members, a photo of the teacher, plus some inspirational poems or quotations.

WHMC-Rolla’s collection includes various souvenir booklets dating from 1900-1926, and includes examples from Ash Grove School, Pleasant Dale School, Swindle College School, Ivey School, Blue Hall School, Ball School, Thompson Grove School, Colon School, Roscoe School, Motley School, Bernie School, Trammel School, Tiff School, and Damon School. A complete list of this and other educational records at WHMC-Rolla can be found here:


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