Saturday, December 22, 2007


This list of books of potential use to persons researching African-American ancestors appeared on the GENEALIB mailing list recently. The list was compiled by Suzanne Colligan of Buffalo and Erie County (NY) Public Library. Thanks, Suzanne, and happy holidays!

Ball, Edward / Slaves in the family / 1999.

Blockson, Charles L. and Ron Fry / Black genealogy / 1991.

Burroughs, Tony / Black roots: a beginners guide to tracing the African
American family tree / 2001.

Byers, Paula K. / African American genealogical sourcebook / 1995.

Croom, Emily Ann and Franklin Carter Smith / Discovering your African-American ancestors: how to find and record your unique heritage / 2003.

Haley, Alex / Roots / 1976.

Olson, Kay Melchisedech / Africans in America: 1619-1865 / 2003.

Rose, James M. / Black genesis: a resource book for African-American genealogy / 2003.

Sharp, Priscilla Stone / Langhorn & Mary: a 19th century American love story / 2003.

Streets, David H. / Slave genealogy: a research guide with case studies / 2004.

Thackery, David T. / Finding your African American ancestors: a beginner's guide / 2000.

Witcher, Curt Bryan / African American genealogy: a bibliography and guide to sources / 2000.

Woodtor, Dee Parmer, PhD / Finding a place called home: a guide to
African-American genealogy and historical identity / 1999.

Suzanne Colligan
Reference Librarian
Grosvenor Room
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
(716) 858-7120

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