Monday, December 24, 2007


RootsWeb Review 9:16 (19 April 2006) included an article (that’s well worth bringing to your attention at this late date) on a lady who managed to upload a large amount of family info to WorldConnect and various other RootsWeb sponsored websites just one week before lightning struck and sizzle-sealed her hard drive. In addition to quickly (and painfully) learning the value of a good-quality surge suppressor, she also quickly learned the value of making complete backups of valuable materials at regular intervals. Prior to her RootsWeb uploads, this lady’s only copy of her genealogical data had existed on her hard drive-- had she waited a week to do the uploading, she would have had to reconstruct all of it, using only her memories of where she had acquired certain information.

Now, the real moral of this story isn’t that you must upload all your genealogical data to various RootsWeb websites (although there’s certainly no good reason why you shouldn’t). No, the real bottom line of this story is this-- back up your genie data, and do back-ups on a frequent basis. If fact, if you’ve never backed-up your files before, or your last back-up occurred more than three months ago, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and begin a back-up. After lightning strikes, it’s too late…

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