Friday, November 23, 2007

MoSGA JOURNAL (2007, no. 4)

Bob Doerr writes to report that the latest MoSGA Journal is hot off the presses:


Officers and Directors Inside Front Cover
President's Message, Going Virtual to Survive--194
Battle At Springfield--195
Missouri State News From The Craig Leader (4/4)--197
Elizabeth And Joseph Wood--202
Death Of Mrs. Mosby--208
Allied Families In Smith Jackson's Ancestry And Marriage (4/4)--209
More Chasing The Ever-Changing Chaneys--213
Attended His Own Funeral And Lives--215
Missouri White Caps--215
The Reality Of Sarah's Realty--216
Fatal Accident In The Woods - Henson--217
Democratic Standard, Fredericktown, Mo., Jun 1882 - 08 Aug 1885 (4/4)--218
Sudden Death Of Sam Bounds 221
St. Francis Borgia Catholic Church, Washington, Franklin County, Missouri,
Births & Baptisms 1896--222
Sudden Death Of Jas. E. Dickey - 1898--225
Presbyterian Church, Price's Branch, Montgomery County, Mo. 1867-1907--226
One Cent Reward - Silvers--228
Births And Baptisms, Lippstadt Evangelical Church, Warren County, 1849-1863 (4/4)--229
Ernst Winter - Auguste Therese Sprenger Wedding--230
Aldrich Post 536, GAR, Polk County, Mo.--231
Officers Who Have Filed Oaths--232
Some Missouri Deaths, 1897, The Kansas City Journal (4/4)--233
She (Mrs. Woodsworth) Came Here First In 1833--235
Brookfield Gazette, Brookfield, Linn County, Mo., 1867-70 (4/4)--236
Horror! Horror! (Spencer Family Murdered)--239
Officers, Missouri National Guard, 1890--240
Infant Baptisms, Brush Creek Presbyterian Church, Montgomery County--244
Is Genealogy Bunk?--245
Update re Allied Families In Smith Jackson's Ancestry--246
Book Reviews, by Angela McComas--247
Annual Indexes--249

Congrats to Bob on the award he received this summer at the MoSGA annual conference!

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