Sunday, November 25, 2007


Do you happen to be researching a Detroit firefighter who worked during the period 1865-2005? Yes? Your ship just came in, my friend! A book is currently available that’s chock-full of photos of Detroit firemen from that time period:

“My purpose was to leave a record that would surprise and intrigue people in 100 years. After several years of collecting, I have been able to find and identify about 4200 of the possible 9200 pictures dating back to 1865 up to 2005. The sources include personal photographs, Department composites from 1963 and 1977, Detroit newspapers, The Firemen’s Fund Newsletter, and The Detroit Firefighter Magazine.”

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Interesting article about how this project came about is here:


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Cheryl Anderson said...

I am the author of Detroit Firefighters. If any readers want to add their relatives photo to this collection of over 5000 pictures they can email me at the website link.
This book goes way back to the beginning of the PAID department up to present time. I'm happy to have completed the collection.