Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Recently MoSGA has added an extensive surname index to its website. It is an index of all the surnames submitted on 4-generation charts by members since MoSGA was founded in 1979. Previously, these charts were published in nine volumes (200 charts per volume) and the volumes were available for sale. In order to make these charts available to a wider population, the collection was indexed and “put-up” on the MoSGA website. Each chart can be purchased for $5 by sending your order and check to:

Missouri State Genealogical Association
Attn: Publication Sales
P. O. Box 833
Columbia, MO 65205-0833

Monies received from sales of requested 4-generation charts are used to defray minor handling and mailing costs, with any balance used for preparing and uploading future databases.

The 4-Generation Chart Submission Program is currently a “member-only” privilege. Copies of blank 4-generation charts can be obtained by requesting them via email from the MoSGA Membership Chairman. Standard 4-generation pedigree charts can be used provided the submitter gives a short written permission statement that allows MoSGA to publish the contents of the chart. The submission can be from any contiguous 4-generation section of the member’s pedigree. If available, each named individual on the chart will have an accompanying birth date and place, marriage date, and death date and place. Submitters should also include their name, mailing and/or email address on the chart so that interested persons can contact them. We encourage all members, especially new ones, to submit their 4-generation charts for inclusion in the database.

Members need to check the index to verify that their charts are included in the database. A few charts have been lost over the 28 years since MoSGA’s inception, due in part to turnover of volunteer personnel. Should this be the case, we encourage you to resubmit your 4-generation chart, and it will be given indexing and uploading priority.

Currently there are over 28,000 names in the 4-generation chart database. We encourage non-members to join MoSGA so their 4-generation charts can be indexed and added to the database.

Where can members send their filled-in 4-generation charts? They can mail them to: Missouri State Genealogical Association, P.O. Box 833, Columbia, MO 65205-0833, or email scans of the charts here.

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