Monday, November 28, 2016

Latest MoSGA Quarterly Newsletter Available

MoSGA's Winter 2016 newsletter is now available on the website here.

Catch up on all the latest happenings with the organization and Missouri genealogical interests!

NGS Has Released 2017 Conference Agenda

The 2017 National Genealogical Society has released details for the upcoming 2017 conference to be held in Raleigh, NC 10-13 May 2017. Check it out here.

Registration opens on December 1, 2016.

Great Genealogy Bargains on Cyber Monday

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I think I am still full from all the eating and fellowship.

Today there are some great bargains being offered for cyber Monday. Here are a few of my favorites"

Ancestry is offering 30% off their DNA testing. You can get it here.

Legacy Family Tree is offering 30% off on a year-long subscription to their webinars here. This is a great deal on over 400 different presentations on all aspects of genealogical research.

Family Tree Magazine has a deal offering 50% off plus an extra 10% off today site wide.

Flip-Pal mobile scanner also has a sale here.

Family Roots Publishing has a 20% off sale on all in stock items here.

Happy Hunting!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veterans Day!

Photo is titled: Group of Unidentified Military Personnel, no date, #59-1105,
courtesy of the Truman Library, Independence, MO

There are many great resources for those searching for the details of their family member's military service to our country. Missouri Digital Heritage has numerous electronic resources as well as guides for those databases not yet digitized and links to other Missouri sources such as the Truman Library in Independence. You can browse the collections as I did to find this picture or you can search with specific terms.

This picture is a great example of the treasures to be found.  It is an unidentified and undated photo from the Truman Library.  Yet there are many clues to its location and precise date.  First is the attire of the women in the picture.  The shoes speak volumes!  They are very likely from the 1940s.  The dresses echo that observation.

Most importantly however; is the flag in the naval officer's hand.  It says, "Welcome to Fulton, Truman and Churchill, March 5, 1946," thus signifying the photo was taken on the day of Winston S. Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech at Westminster College in Fulton, MO.  How often does one get that lucky that a date and monumental event is printed neatly on the front of a photo?

Happy Veterans Day, may you have good luck in all your genealogical searches!

Add Your Events to MoSGA's 2017 Calendar!

Is your society, town, or county planning an event or having a significant anniversary next year? Share the details with MoSGA publications readers!  MoSGA is constantly updating its calendar of events and will share calls for publications, notices of planning meetings as well as the actual events.  If you need to get the word out, let us help!  We want to keep our readers informed about events in Missouri and neighboring states.

Send your information to  We look forward to hearing from you!

Have You Hit Your Ancestral Brick Wall? Do You Have a Great Story to Share? MoSGA Can Help!

Missouri State Genealogical Association

The Missouri State Genealogical Association was founded in 1979 with the goal of  supporting genealogical research and sharing knowledge of and with Missouri's richest resource - its citizens. Since that time the association has grown substantially as methods for finding your ancestors have advanced exponentially.  MoSGA assists those interested in Missouri genealogical research through the association's website and publications including this blog, the newsletter and journal.

How does all this help?  Anyone interested can submit articles, requests for information or details of an upcoming event for publication. Share with the wide readership of these sources your brick wall OR even the story of how you succeeded in breaking it down.  Do you have an ancestor you cannot seem to track who lived in a Missouri county where a courthouse was burned, or records lost? By sharing your story, you may find an answer or a new information source from a MoSGA member who has a similar experience.

Send your requests, stories, brick walls or favorite Missouri family photo to  Please include your contact information and name so we can share it with our readers.  Thanks!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

FindMyPast Offering Free Access to Military Records Nov 10-13 is opening it's vast collection of military records for four days in honor of Veterans Day.  The collection includes over 70 million spanning the globe from 1760 through the 20th century.

You can enter as little information as you ancestor's last name into the search engine on the front page. Don't miss access to this great collection today (November 10th) through Sunday (November  13).

Friday, November 04, 2016 is Now Mobile-Friendly

According to NARAations, the official blog of the National Archives, the NARA website has been updated to make it much more mobile-friendly.  Past versions of the site made it challenging to use effectively on a tablet or phone. The new website offers the same functionality within an easier to view framework.  In addition, America's founding documents including the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution are all easily accessible on mobile devices.

Image result for national archives

Voting for the New Bicentennial License Plate Ends Dec 1, 2016

In celebration of Missouri's 200th anniversary of statehood in 2021, a new license plate is being designed.  You can view and vote on your favorite on the website. A design will be chosen after voting closes on December 1, 2016.

Option 3: Blue license plate with a ghost seal, three stars, the word Bicentennial on a curved red banner, and the years 1821-2021

Fold3: Free Access to Native American Records Through November 15 is offering free access to their Native American Records collection through November 15, 2016. If you are unfamiliar with Fold, Lisa Louise Cooke provides an excellent step-by-step guide to using the records. Also remember that Fold3 is now part of and thus if you have an membership or use your library's, you may already have access to these records.  Happy Hunting!

Image result for indians
Photo courtesy of

Friday, October 21, 2016

Midwest Genealogy Center On Short List of Best Library Websites in the US

A few months back Family Tree Magazine released its 2016 list of 101 best websites to discover your family history.  The list is free on the magazines's website.  It comes as no surprise to Missouri researchers that Midwest Genealogy Center is on the list of eleven of the top library websites in the country.

Most of the rest of the list are national sites with a few other Midwest exceptions including the Allen County Public Library and Cincinnati's Public Library.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Presidential Muckraking

The advent of social media certainly makes it feel as if the 2016 presidential elections are the dirtiest this country has experienced.  I collect political ephemera and have postcards and buttons from Woodrow Wilson, Howard Taft, both Roosevelts, Nixon and Reagan, many of which are family heirlooms. Most of those elections were not pretty; nor were their predecessors. The Oct./Nov. issue of   Family Tree Magazine has a great article on election politics. David Fryxell details elections as early as the 1796 battle between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  When Adams beat Jefferson, the loser was named as the vice president, setting up a nasty battle between the two in 1800.  While they became good friends at the end of their lives, the men and their supporters questioned each others commitment to democracy, religion, and hinted at Jefferson's relationship with his slaves. Dire consequences were predicted for the country down to each man, woman and child.

Later, journalism was blamed by some as a source of the ugliness. According to the term "muckrakers" was coined by Teddy Roosevelt for investigative journalists, although "he borrowed the term from John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, in which a rake was used to dig up filth and muck." Journalists began to wear the title as a badge of honor. Wikipedia quotes Roosevelt's 1906 speech in which he said, "the men with the muck rakes are often indispensable to the well being of society; but only if they know when to stop raking the muck..."  In our current elections it seems journalists need not "muckrake" as the candidates do a fine job themselves.

National Archives Is Hosting a Virtual Genealogy Fair, Oct 26--27, 2016

On October 26 & 27, 2016 (Wednesday & Thursday), the National Archives is hosting a FREE two-day, virtual Genealogy Fair via webcast. Viewers will have the opportunity to participate with the presenters and other family historians during the live event on YouTube. All of the session videos and handouts will be available from here free of charge. You can watch the sessions and download the materials at your convenience. Registration is not required.  For more information check the National Archives website.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Just Starting Your Family Tree? Here's How to Get Started

Whether you are just starting out with researching your family history or are a long-time genealogist, it is often difficult to keep up with new technologies or methodologies in the field. There are many options to help. Both Family Search and Ancestry have blogs and provide free webinars to assist researchers in getting the most out of their efforts. Family Search webinars, numbering at least 75 at last count, can be found on the classes and webinars page here.'s options are listed under the Ancestry Academy, found here. Happy hunting!

Missouri Conference on History: Call for Papers Deadline is Nov 1, 2016

The fifty-ninth annual Missouri Conference on History, hosted by the Missouri State University History Department, will be held March 22–24, 2017, at the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield.


Each year the conference sessions feature a wide variety of historical topics, including public history and historic preservation. The conference is particularly interested in proposals for complete sessions, including panelists, chair, and commentator. Attendees who are interested in serving as a session chair or commentator are also encouraged to respond. For additional information,  the conference website here.